What Makes An Impressionable Author?

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Edgar Allan Poe

What makes an impressionable author?  During the eighteenth century authors were more than just story writer’s.  Edgar Allan Poe was an impressionable and successful author during the eighteenth century.  Poe contributed to the American Romantic Movement.  This movement represents an artistic, literary and intellectual movement started during the eighteenth century in Western Europe while the industrial revolution was present.  The American Romantic Movement rebelled against aristocratic, social and political minds and reacted against rationalization of nature in art and literature.  These reactions placed emphasis on new emotions like horror and mystery, while confronting the sublimity of nature.  Poe was an American poet, short story writer, editor and literary critic.  His tales of macabre and balladic poetry became more popular in France than in America.  Poe is the inventor of crime and detective fiction.  In addition, he brilliantly also wrote gothic and horror fiction.  Poe was one of the first authors who preferred to write alone.  During the eightenth century, this was an extremely difficult task due to the lack of an International Copyright Law.  Publishers would often pirate British stories rather than pay for new American work creating a financial difficulty for Poe.  Poe began to be referred to as the American Shakespeare, which currently follows his reputation.

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